Your Guide to Oil Changes

You know you’re supposed to get an oil change every few months or so but have you ever wondered why you need an oil change for your car? Learn the benefits of oil changes and more here!

What are the Benefits of Oil Changes? Five Things You Should Know.

We understand that getting regular oil changes is an essential part of owning a car but have you ever wondered why you need an oil change? Not understanding the purpose only makes it easier to put off but trust us when we say it’s not just some mundane task. In fact, whether or not you get oil changes will often determine how your vehicle runs (or doesn’t run).

Some benefits of oil changes include:

  1. Engine Performance. Engines have several moving parts. Those parts cause friction. That friction produces heat. Excessive heat can wear the engine down over time. By changing your oil regularly, you’re providing necessary lubrication, which reduces the amount of heat the engine produces, thus helping your engine reach peak performance once again.
  2. Gas Mileage. This is one of the least-known benefits of oil changes, but you know that friction we mentioned before? Well, it can cause your engine to slow down, resulting in more frequent visits to the gas pump. Regular oil changes = happy wallet.
  3. Harmful Emission Reduction. If you love the environment, get oil changes. Old, dirty oil produces toxic engine emissions, unlike fresh oil, which doesn’t burn down like the old stuff does. By getting regular oil changes, your car becomes more environmentally friendly, as do you!
  4. Other Maintenance. Bringing your car in for regular oil changes often comes along with general TLC. Your mechanic will conduct a thorough, full-body inspection and check for other quirks that may need repair when under the hood. Thus, avoiding future damage and expensive repairs.
  5. Special Treatment. All cars may need an oil change, but not all cars are created equal. For instance, a brand new luxury SUV won’t need the same type of oil as your 2002 sedan. The weight of the oil is different for each car, and the different “flavors” depend on how the car was created. Thankfully, this is something the ASE-certified mechanics at Auto house know all about, so when you take your car in for service simply request the best oil for your model and its mileage. This will boost your vehicle’s performance on the road.

Need an Oil Change? Five More Things You Should Know.

Signs you need an oil change.

Fortunately, our vehicle tells us when they’re feeling a bit neglected—they tell us when they’re thirsty (gas light), when they’re a little under the weather (check engine light), and when their joints are feeling a bit creaky (oil light). Some warning signs that you need an oil change include humming, tapping from under the engine compartment, or your oil pressure light clicks on/begins flashing. To be on the safe side, schedule a check-up as soon as that alert light kicks on.

How long an oil change [should] take.

Lightning speed. Okay, not quite that fast, but of all the maintenance your car may need, this procedure should be one of the quickest. Typically, just an oil change will take about 20 to 30 minutes when all is said and done. However, this will vary depending on where you are servicing your vehicle and whether or not other maintenance is required. When you take your ride into Auto House to have it inspected before your summer road trip, you’re going to want the works, and that might take a little longer and cost a little extra but peace of mind is priceless.

How often you should have your oil changed.

Some mechanics swear by the rule that you should get an oil change at every 3,000 miles or every three months, but as advances in cars are made, intervals of up to 5,000 miles or every five months tend to be sufficient. Ultimately, your car’s owner’s manual will have more detailed information about your vehicle so refer to it for your recommended oil change time frame. Don’t do it too often but don’t assume your car is the Iron Man of all cars and wait it out. Note: It’s not solely about miles. Even if you don’t drive your car much, your oil must be kept fresh in order to function properly and safely.

What happens when you don’t change your oil.

It’s no secret that the oil in your car’s engine lubricates all of the working parts inside, so if you fail to give it the greasing it needs, it will not work properly. As oil is pumped through various passageways, it serves as a cooling agent to help reduce engine heat. As it does its job, the excessive heat, moisture, and air exposure causes the oil to degrade over time, and as a result, it thickens and forms a sludgy formation which starts to have a corrosive effect on the different parts. Replenishing your oil can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Note: Arizona is no stranger to severe heat, and because of this, regular oil changes are a must regardless of whether it’s a smaller or a larger car.

How to check your oil level.

Step 1: Put car in park, put parking brake on, turn off and pop hood.

Step 2: Locate the dipstick, usually easy to spot with an orange or yellow handle and marked with oil can symbol.

Step 3: Pull dipstick out fully, wipe with rag, and locate two lines near the end. The lower line indicates that the oil level is one quart low, and the higher line indicates that the oil tank is full. Some may have words indicating  “add” or “full.”

Step 4: Insert dipstick back in and all the way down, then withdraw without wiping and look closely at where the oil level falls in these lines. If it’s between them, you have enough oil. If it’s at the low line, you need an oil change.

We understand that the purchase of your vehicle represents a significant investment so, at Auto House, we offer vehicle service, repair, and routine maintenance to help protect your investment for years to come. After all, if you take care of your car, it takes care of you! But we want to take care of you, too. That’s why, following purchase of your vehicle, your first oil change is on us!

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