5 Big Benefits of Buying a Used Car

May 18, 2021

By Dan Finn – General Sales Manager, Auto House Phoenix

There are many benefits of buying a used car over a new model. However, for people looking to buy a used car, knowing what to look for is a must. With the shortages of new vehicles due to disruptions in the supply chain from the pandemic, more people are considering getting a used car than ever before.  Here are five of the biggest benefits to buying a used car: 

Benefits of Buying a Used Car at Auto House

  1. Avoiding the big depreciation hit. The stories are true – the biggest depreciation of new vehicles happens when you drive off the lot and over the first year of ownership. Getting a used car from a dealer/broker like Auto House can save you thousands of dollars over new, with not much difference other than the odometer reading plus your insurance rates will be lower than buying new. But if new cars are still your thing, we can get those too, saving you lots of time, money and hassles along the way.
  2. Maintenance matters. What to look for in a used car hinges on this point in particular. While it’s a good idea to consider the age of the car and the odometer reading, it’s more important to look at how well the previous owner maintained the car. Vehicles that get regular oil changes last longer, so buying a well maintained and serviced vehicle is essential. That’s why we perform our own comprehensive checklist for performance and wear on every car before it ever hits our inventory, so we can offer top-quality pre-owned vehicles to our clients. All Auto House inventory listings include a free complete vehicle history report, service inspection, and market analysis, so you can trust you’re getting a good deal. 
  3. Buying used is better for the environment. One of the biggest benefits of buying a late model used car today is that newer models have increased efficiency and technologies than older cars. Fewer cars manufactured reduces stress on resources and environmental waste. Vehicles are increasingly reaching longer lifespans, especially when well-maintained, and better fuel efficiencies and hybrids reach larger market segments.
  4. Warranties can be extended. Many late model vehicles with lower mileage are still under manufacturers’ three year/36000 mile warranty, and some brands offer even longer warranties. Unlike a private sale, buying a used car from a dealer/broker presents options for extending full or limited warranties that could make sense, especially since you’re not absorbing the big depreciation hit. Auto House offers extended warranties on all makes and models, with affordable rates and customized care plans. Whether you’ve already bought your car from another seller, or you’re finalizing your purchase of an Auto House vehicle, we have a plan that will keep your car and your wallet in prime condition.  
  5. Ease of buying what you really want. Most people have a pretty good idea of what they want in a new or used vehicle, but buying it is another matter altogether. Buying a car—whether new or used—requires a lot of research and visits to different dealerships and lots, price negotiations, hidden fees, upsells and other hassles. Buying from Auto House is more streamlined, with one car, one price, and one consultant, from start to finish. You can even tell us what you are looking for if it’s not in inventory, and we’ll find it for you. Everything can be conducted online or in one of our three indoor showrooms, and you can test drive from home. Once you’ve found your next ride, the entire purchase process takes about an hour, with no surprises, just one great car, and one great deal. That’s how we roll.

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