Can Your Favorite Snack Determine Your Ideal Car?

August 25, 2021

What’s Your Type? Take Our Quizzes to Find Out!

Picking out the perfect car can be a challenge. If you’re outdoorsy, you might consider something sporty like a truck, but you also have a long commute to work, so something more fuel-efficient may be a better fit. At some point, you stop and wonder how in the world anyone ever makes this decision. Then, to top it all off, you have to pick the perfect color to go along with it.

Well, all we have to say is don’t knock Buzzfeed quizzes until you try them! You’d be surprised to find what your ideal vacation spot, go-to snack, favorite color, and beverage of choice can reveal about your personality and style. That’s exactly why we created two quizzes of our own — in the hopes of helping you find your ride!

What’s Your Car Personality? Take the Quiz!
What’s Your Car Color Personality? Take the Quiz!

These results may not be the deciding factor in your car buying experience, but we can promise it will be fun and, if nothing else, give your brain a much-needed break from car shopping. Plus, at the end of each quiz, we threw in a bonus about the variety of extended warranty plans we offer at Auto House!

For more information on Auto House, our inventory, or our unique, strategic warranties, contact your nearest location today!

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