Your Guide to Vehicle AC Service

August 26, 2021

Why Arizonans Should Schedule a Car AC Tune Up

Michael Soukup, Service Advisor, Auto House Phoenix

Summers in Arizona can be brutally hot. So it never fails to surprise us just how many people will remember to service the expensive AC systems in their homes and businesses, but forget their vehicle AC service is just as important. Don’t make that mistake, especially if you’re planning a road trip to get out of the heat. Get your vehicle AC system serviced before you go.

The reasons for having a car AC tune up should be obvious. Long days and nights of 100º+ heat, punctuated by the occasional monsoon or worse, a haboob. Those storms mimic the “giant scary dust cloud is about to engulf you” moments you see in movies. If you get caught in a haboob, you’ll need to pull over, and wait it out. There’s going to be a lot of dust. So. much. dust. You’re not the only one that will be breathing it—your car will be taking in dust and grit, too.

That’s why so many car manufacturers have used sites in Arizona as Proving Grounds for decades, many in or near Phoenix. New car models and design prototypes are routinely put through extreme tests of durability, corrosion, weathering, exposure, and more. Arizona’s legendary dry heat is also hard on elastic, plastics, and other components like belts and hoses, so they’ll eventually get brittle and crack. Engineers can test, observe, and refine components as needed at a Proving Ground—and vehicle AC systems are often tested and refined here in Arizona.

When to Do Car AC Service

For peak performance, most manufacturers recommend changing the cabin air filter every few months, and having the vehicle AC system checked out every 30k miles. At a minimum, have a car AC tune up at least once per year. But in Arizona, you should have the AC checked every 15k miles simply because of the heat and dust factor, and the cabin filter changed.

“Failing to replace a dirty, clogged filter will impact the efficiency of the heating and cooling system in your car. Poor efficiency can lead to other problems, including a loss of air volume, bad odors in the cabin, or premature failure of HVAC components. Simply replacing a dirty filter can make a big difference in the car’s air quality.” – Car and Driver

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance and Vehicle AC Service

Buying a new or used vehicle is a big investment, so you’re going to want to maintain it.

Regular oil changes and fluid top-offs are just two simple steps anyone can take to keep a car’s engine components working smoothly and extend the life and preserve the resale value of a vehicle. So it makes sense that regular vehicle AC service can extend the life of the AC unit, and potentially save a sizable amount of money in repairs or replacement in the long term.

Speaking of saving money, always get the extended warranty. Think about it. Modern cars also have a lot of technology built in. Touchscreen technology, bluetooth, navigation systems, satellite radio and TV plus other gadgets, it’s all great right up to the moment something fails or malfunctions. An extended warranty helps you keep your nice features longer, and the resale value is better when the vehicle has a warranty. That’s why we always tell our customers it’s worth getting the extended warranty, even if you’re buying new. While vehicle warranties will cover factory warranty items, extended warranties cover expensive mechanical breakdowns (AC, transmissions, engines for example).

Luckily, it’s all pretty easy. Scheduling regular service at one of our four convenient Auto House locations is just a click or call away. Plus our ASE Certified Repair and Maintenance costs a lot less than repairing or replacing a major component or an entire vehicle AC system. Our pricing is better than dealerships, too. We think that’s pretty cool. We promise, you will, too.

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