Jimmy Mendez Tempe

Auto Consultant

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Jimmy has been a prominent figure in the automotive sales industry since 2012. His extensive experience spans various facets of the field, including purchasing, leasing, and buying vehicles. He boasts an impressive knowledge base covering a wide spectrum of vehicle makes and models, making him a reliable source of expertise.

What truly sets Jimmy apart is his commitment to building enduring relationships with clients. His dedication to providing exceptional service is evident in the fact that a significant portion of his business is generated through repeat customers and referrals. Jimmy finds immense satisfaction in not only delivering outstanding results but also in the joy of helping people along the way.

Beyond the confines of the automotive world, Jimmy’s interests span the realms of food, sports, and the world of captivating television shows. He’s always eager to receive recommendations on new food and TV shows, for he relishes the opportunity to explore and indulge in these passions.

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