Mike Palmer Tempe

Auto Consultant

After an early start in law enforcement, Mike launched a new career in auto sales in 2018. Here at Auto House, he loves matching his clients up with the best deal for them, and the gratification that comes with watching them drive away in the perfect new vehicle. In his off time, he coaches little league, volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America, and is a mentor for at-risk youth.

Why Clients Love Mike Palmer


“Two and a half months ago I sought out to buy a pretty specific car which I could not find anywhere. A few reached out, but Mike and his communication immediately stuck out to me and he embarked on a journey that he had no idea would lead us down this path. Longer story short, Mike was incredible with his communication, efforts, and persistence. After two and a half months, the opportunity came up on the car for me and he made sure he delivered. No run-around from him along the way, and no changes at the last minute, which is customary at the finance table at other dealerships. Today he delivered my new car to me and I’m as happy as can be! Thanks Mike!” ~ Joe Gallo

“Mike convinced me to stay within a certain price range and even though I thought wanted something beyond what I could afford. He ended up finding me a great car and while I wanted to dismiss it at first because it didn’t have a sunroof, he knew I’d love it once I saw it… and he was right! Auto House is one of the most beautiful car dealerships I’ve have been in. All the cars are lined up INSIDE! Mike is truly a magician. He got me into the right car for me, at the right price, with the right financing terms that will help me rebuild my credit. He was truly looking out for my best interests. This was the first good car shopping experience I’ve had in over 10 years. I appreciate everyone at Auto House and especially Mike. He will take good care of you at Auto House Tempe.” ~JRaquel Paige


(reviews edited for length)

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