Thinking of Selling Your Car? Auto House Makes Everything Simple.

June 14, 2021

Larry Schleicher, General Manager, Auto House Phoenix

Getting a Car Ready To Sell

Getting a car ready to sell privately can require a lot of time and prep work, especially if it’s leased. Whether you’re planning a private party sale, selling to a local dealership or just thinking of trading-in, Auto House offers a no-hassle approach that pays you top value for your car. Larry Schleicher, General Manager of Auto House Phoenix location outlines the things needed to sell a car to Auto House, the necessary documents for selling a car, our process, and more.

Whether you’re planning to trade in your vehicle for a new one, or just looking to sell for cash, Auto House offers the industry’s highest possible trade-in or cash value. We’ve fine-tuned every aspect of car buying so we can provide incredibly easy transactions. 

Don’t worry if your car has gotten a few dents or scratches along the way. Auto House buys vehicles in any condition, so you can skip all the hassles of getting your car ready to sell. Of course, any major body or mechanical issues will lower the value of your car, but condition is not a barrier for us, so don’t let it be one for you when selling. We’ll leverage our large network to place your old car in just the right spot for resale.

If you need to exit a lease early to cash-out or want to trade in, get an instant online quote for your leased car or click here to have one of our Leasing Specialists give you a call. You can cash-out or use your equity as the down payment for a new vehicle.

At Auto House, we also have buyers on site at all times, or you can start with an Instant Kelley Blue Book quote online. If you like our offer, we’ll cut you a check right on the spot, so you won’t have to wait days or weeks to get your money. Plus the offer is good for 7 days, so there’s no pressure. We can have you in and out, check in hand, or in a new ride in about an hour. It’s your choice. 

Documents for Selling a Car to Auto House

There are a few documents you’ll want to have on hand when selling your car. Bring the following documents with you to Auto House to save any last minute scrambling when you’re ready to deal.

  1. Maintenance Records – the proof is in the paperwork, so gather these to show you’ve maintained your car well—that’s a key selling point for buyers.
  2. Warranty Documentation – a transferable warranty can help you get a better price.
  3. Vehicle Title – if you own your car outright, you should have the title in your possession, or you can easily request a copy from your bank or lender. If you’re still making payments on the car you’re selling or it’s leased, your title is in the hands of a lienholder, a.k.a. the bank. Contact your bank to find out the loan or lease payoff amount.

All vehicles offered for resale at Auto House undergo a complete safety inspection and comprehensive mechanical checks. We check the oil and fluids, repair any cosmetic issues to enhance the vehicle, and ensure that all components are in working order—all before any car is offered for sale. 

Get an instant, accurate estimate of your car’s value online, over the phone, or in one of our three indoor showrooms, without high-pressure tactics or dealer gimmicks designed to leave you at a disadvantage. If you want to sell your car, turn to Auto House for the best value around.

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