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You have questions, we have answers. Scroll through the page to find our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions our customers have. Want to get more in-depth? Feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist!


Can I get financing through Auto House?

Yes! We partner with over 40 national and local financial institutions, all in an effort to provide you with the best financing options for you. Plus our streamlined process means we prioritize convenience, and you get no-hassle, low rate loan options in a matter of minutes. Click here to get fast pre-approval.


How do I apply for an auto loan? 

It’s super easy! We offer you the ability to get pre-approved online. And since we partner with over 40 national and local financial institutions, we’re able to present you with the right financing options for you. Click here to get fast pre-approval.


Can I lease a new car through Auto House?

Yes! We really do, do it all. If you’re interested in leasing a new car we leverage our network to find the vehicle you want and then we go to work to get you the best lease terms possible. We partner with over 40 national and local financial institutions, so we’re able to help you find the best deal. And best of all, since you’re working with Auto House you can rest easy knowing we’ll make the process as simple as possible.


Can I turn my leased vehicle in to Auto House?

Absolutely! No matter where you first leased your vehicle, we’re here to help you explore all your options. If your lease is up but you want to keep your car we can present a variety of financing options to turn your lease into a loan. Or if you’re in the middle of your lease and want to exit it early let us know. Depending on your residual value you might be able to sell your vehicle to us, pay off your lease early, and use any extra funds as a down payment on a new ride. And did you know that even if you didn’t lease your car from us, and you’re at the end of your lease-term, you can still turn it into us? We aim to simplify the lease return process, and we don’t penalize you for normal wear and tear. So turn your lease in to us, let us deal with the hassle. We can help you find a new car to lease or buy.


Where are you located?

No matter where you live in the Valley, there’s an Auto House that’s convenient to you.


Do Auto House cars come with a warranty?

Transparency is especially important to us. That’s why we provide a Carfax vehicle history report, Auto House service inspection report, Kelly Blue Book report, and market analysis report available for every car we sell! That way you know from the beginning the quality of the car you’re purchasing. Plus, many of our vehicles are still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty. But for added peace of mind, we also offer extended warranties to help cover unexpected repair expenses that may come up.


Can I buy a new car at Auto House?

Yes! We sell new cars as well as used cars at Auto House. We’ll help you locate the car you want, let you test drive it on your schedule (we’ll even bring it to you if that’s easier!), and handle all the negotiations for you. You’ll pay less than you would at a traditional dealership because we can leverage our decades-long relationships with our new car network in town, plus save you time and money. Interested in leasing instead? Just let us know, we can do that too.


What is GAP insurance and how do I know if I need it?

Gap insurance is an optional car insurance you can purchase from Auto House. It helps pay off your auto loan if your car is totaled or stolen and you owe more than the car’s depreciated value. Gap insurance helps pay the gap between the depreciated value of your car and what you still owe on the car. Most likely, if you finance your vehicle, you’d benefit from gap insurance protection.


Does Auto House offer vehicle maintenance and repair?

Yes, we function just like any other full-service car dealership, just without the hassle. We have ASE-certified auto mechanics at all three of our locations and can handle just about anything, from routine oil changes and tire rotations to more complex tune-ups or repairs, we do it all. And we do it the Auto House way, so you know you’re getting vehicle service you can trust.


Can I trade-in my vehicle at Auto House?

We love trade-ins! We’ll offer you the highest possible value for your trade-in every time based on industry-leader Kelly Blue Book values. Plus, did you know that in Arizona you get a tax credit if you trade your vehicle in and buy a car from us at the same time? You only pay sales tax on the difference between the sales price and the trade-in value! For example, if you purchase a vehicle from us for $20,000 and you trade-in your existing vehicle for $5,000, the trade-in value is deducted from the new car’s cost, meaning you’ll only pay sales tax on the difference of $15,000.


Will Auto House buy my car?

Yes, we’d love to buy your car, even if you don’t buy a car from us. As official Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer buying locations, you can trust the offer you get from us is for fair market value and has no strings attached. Get an instant quote online. If you like what you see just let us know, we will quickly review your vehicle in person and issue you a check right on the spot. Unlike those other guys, who can make you wait up to 10 business days.

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Is Auto House family-owned and operated?

Auto House has been family-owned and operated since our founder first started the business way back in 2003. Today, our founder is still actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Auto House, as are many members of his family. Our motto is, you’re always family under our roof, it’s one of the reasons we have loyal clients who keep coming back to Auto House year after year.


How long has Auto House been in business?

Auto House originally opened in Tempe in 2003 under the name Precision Fleet Services. In 2017, we expanded to open our Peoria, Ariz location. Then in 2019, we changed our name to Auto House and opened our newest location in North Scottsdale. In 2020, we broke ground in Tempe on a brand-new, state-of-the-art location that we opened in March 2021. At 100,000 square feet it’s the largest indoor car dealership in the United States. Even though we’ve grown and changed over the years, our early philosophy of making the car buying process as uncomplicated as possible and treating people like family are still the way we do business.


What if I have a specific car in mind and you don’t have it in stock?

We never shy away from a challenge, so if you’re in the market for a rare collectible car, or an extremely specific make/model combination made a certain year with a certain trim package, or even if you’re just looking for a normal sedan that we don’t happen to have in stock, please take a moment and let us know! Fill out our car request form and we’ll dive into our network of trusted partners across the U.S. to find it for you.


Will Auto House bring the car to my home or office?

We know the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 changed the way a lot of car dealerships do business, but what’s unique about Auto House is even before the pandemic we offered home or office delivery of your vehicle, and that’s still the case today. In fact, we’ll even bring the car you want to test drive to your home or office with no pressure to buy. You can car shop with confidence, knowing we have your best interests (and health!) in mind.