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AWD versus 4WD for Trucks – What’s the Difference?

Truck Talk: Is AWD Better Than 4WD? By Mike Palmer, Auto Consultant, Tempe If you’re considering buying a truck, you’re likely weighing the differences between AWD versus 4WD. Or you might be wondering what AWD means, as it’s a less familiar term than 4WD. Let’s …

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What Fees Are Associated With Buying a Car?

Dealer Fees & Car Taxes and Fees: The Lowdown By Mandy Rozen, Auto Consultant, Scottsdale   Dealer fees, car taxes, and other add-on accessories or services can add to the price of a car. Here we’ll drill down on what fees are associated with buying …

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5 Big Benefits of Buying a Used Car

There are many benefits of buying a used car over a new model. However, for people looking to buy a used car, knowing what to look for is a must. With the shortages of new vehicles due to disruptions in the supply chain from the pandemic, more people are considering getting a used car than ever before.

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